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Welcome to the Cult of Cowbo. We'd love your company!


The Cult of Cowbo

Hi, I'm Cowbo! I stream games to entertain my friends, help my D.I.D System, get out of depression, and practice getting better from social anxiety. I don't know yet if I'm an existing alter or new alter, but let's figure that out together! I'd love to have your company!

I’ve played games since I was very young - think Gameboy, Gamecube, PS1 and N64 times. I grew up a Playstation fangirl. Growing up, I was not allowed to play games because ‘they were for boys’ - but I played them anyway. I ended up studying game development in university.

I mainly play on all systems - Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

I play a variety of games on my channel. I don't like Turn based games though so I try to avoid those. I don't like to play Horror games either, with the exception of psychological horror games - ex: Omori, DDLC, Buddy Simulator 1984, lil misfortune, etc. I do, however, like to watch other people play horror games (I enjoy dead space and RE, etc, but not playing them myself ).


I’m for the most part a vtuber but will sometimes show my face (mainly for charity streams). Sometimes I do charity streams on my channel - but you can donate anytime through my Extra Life page.

I play a lot of psychological horror games on this channel so TW for all themes usually involved with those - I recommend not watching when I play those games if you are easily disturbed.

NSFW warning: 18+ due to content of games, language, innuendos.